Fresh concrete and cement testing machine

The CTPT3 fresh concrete and cement tester is...

Fresh cement and concrete pastes have been shown to behave as Bingham fluids, that is to say that they do not flow until a characteristic Yield Stress has been exceeded. After this yield stress, they flow in a linear manner, with the shear stress being proportional to the shear rate. The level of the yield stress and the degree of proportionality between yield stress and shear rate (ie the plastic viscosity) are functions of processing parameters such as water content, sand to cement ratio and the amount and type of aggregate present.

If these parameters could be measured for each batch of fresh concrete, a pattern could be established of which batches were acceptable and which caused problems.

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"The CTPT3 improved workability test design allows the sample torque to be measured accurately and quickly, eliminating the need for baseline determination and in-situ calibration"